The Beginning: Our Story

We hope this will be the start of something good after the worst has happened.

Ellen was a beautiful soul, a very special person. On 25th June 2017 she lost her battle with depression and anxiety and we will never stop being heartbroken about this. What we can do though is continue where she left off and further a movement.

Mental health should not be taboo.

Mental health is an illness which moves by stealth.

Mental health is something that should be talked about and understood more.

People with Mental Health issues can turn to ‘Mind’.

I am Ellen’s mum Anna and I made her a mermaid costume for her 5th birthday. She wore it with pride. It was a shiny affair with a silver lame top like shells and a sequinned turquoise tail. She looked beautiful and she loved being a mermaid. Ellen grew up into an amazing young lady with creativity and spirit that knew no boundaries. She would light up a room by just walking into it. We would offen take stock after she left the room like the whirlwind she was thinking ‘What just happened there’?

Ellen always kept fish. We had tropical fish when she was growing up and she used to stare into the tanks with wonder. Sea world was mind blowing and she would laugh about wanting to be a mermaid. She was a dream.

The mermaid photograph of Ellen was taken at the Lost Carnival. Ellen was finally a mermaid! She again made a beautiful mermaid!

I was 50 this year and I saw on the internet that the Newfoundland and Labrador Beard and Moustache club had made a Merbys calendar. If only Ellen had waited to see this. She would have laughed so much. It’s a silly thing but with a very important message – mental health needs help sometimes. My dear Friend Claire bought me the calendar and through the tears we laughed.

There it was – Mermen for Mind! For Ellen. We were waiting for some direction to do something special for Ellen that would help people with Mental Health problems. We had already raised over £6000 for mind after Ellen’s death, not just through our own efforts but the efforts of other people gathering donations for us and this was perfect.

Now we have an amazing list of locations, Mermen, fabrics, props, jewellery and lovely people who want to help. Let’s make this amazing for our dear Ellen and do her proud…. Mermen for Mind has arrived!

‘It’s a long game of driving someone completely insane’ — Ellen Scott

Written by Anna Scott | 29.01.2018

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