Mental Health: Our Story

There are two things that shook me to the core this week, one yesterday and one today. I joined a group on facebook about a little girl battling cancer. It was in support of her family’s strength and it struck a chord with me. You would do anything to support your children no matter what. Little Isla died the next day. I found myself crying for a little life I never knew. Now I worry about the mental health of her parents and her brother. They have stayed strong for a long time and will have to still do so for their son. This calendar is for all of us. We all might need a little help and support someday.

Today was a bolt from the blue when my friend messaged me about a family member who took his own life. NO NO NO not him, not her. I am guessing that’s what people thought about Ellen (and Ashley, Roger and Myself) a year ago. Memories flood back but they haven’t ever left me. I live and breathe what has happened everyday and I try to live a normal life.


I went to the cemetery and watered the lavenders rosemary, helleborus Ellen and other ‘rabbit proof’ plants and raised a glass of wine to my beautiful daughter. The view from her special place is amazing and if you look to the left you can see ‘Top Withens’. I am sure if she were still here she would approve. And I’m also sure she is still here in spirit.
Our calendar is for all the people who need support with their mental health. You never know when you might need it, life is a rollercoaster.

Written by Anna Scott | 12.07.2018

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