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“In this first part of the very first episode, I talk about the importance of talking, counselling, fear, the phrase ‘man up’ and the term ‘nervous breakdown’. Recorded in the moments before my first counselling appointment at a Northern Hospital.” – Silence Isn’t Strength Ep.1

“In part 2 of the first episode of Silence isn’t Strength, I discuss counselling, the aspiration for men to be ‘Strong and Silent’ and the damaging effect this can have. ”
– Silence Isn’t Strength Ep.2

“In the third episode, the discussion centers around medication and the journey I’ve been on with actually deciding whether or not to even try medication. Never an easy decision – and the reasons for and against it aren’t always clear. ” – Silence Isn’t Strength Ep.3

“Disclaimer: this episode may trigger feelings of stress or anxiety – it was recorded at a time when I was at my worst. It took a lot to turn the camera on myself when in this state. But it’s also important to share. ” – Silence Isn’t Strength Ep.4