A Bittersweet Day

Yesterday was Ellen’s Graduation day…. There I said it….. Sometimes saying something makes it real and that makes it really hard to say it. What a lovely thing though to be able to collect a piece of paper honouring someone else’s huge amount of effort. Continue reading “A Bittersweet Day”

Treasures From The Deep.

When I think of the treasures that Ellen gave me, I first remember her as a little girl. Her enthusiasm, her interest in everything around her, her amazing creativity – one outstanding memory,  a model of the rainforest for a school project that even had tiny insects in the trees. I was in awe and have been ever since. She was always smiling and bouncing around. Always ready to discover.

Continue reading “Treasures From The Deep.”

Mermen for Mind – The Beginning….

We hope this will be the start of something good after the worst has happened.

Ellen was a beautiful soul, a very special person. On 25th June 2017 she lost her battle with depression and anxiety and we will never stop being heartbroken about this. What we can do though is continue where she left off and further a movement. Continue reading “Mermen for Mind – The Beginning….”