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For Ellen and many others, blogging was a platform for expression. Blogging can be simple; a trip down memory lane or a rigorous review on what you had for breakfast. It can also be intense, an exploration into your deepest, and sometimes darkest thoughts. Openness is celebrated within the blogging community, it can be helpful to type out your thoughts and woes and throw them out into the big wide world. People are reading, people are relating. Through this online platform you can tell the world what you’re passionate about and help raise awareness to the things you care about. For many mental health advocates and lifestyle bloggers, their blog inspires to be therapeutic – a place for people to discuss topics that may be too difficult to bring up in person. Many people who suffer from mental health issues have a yearning to be heard, but you can easily create false consequences for what might happen if you open your mouth. A fear of the unknown. Blogging can provide a middle ground.

Please see below to view the amazing lifestyle and mental health bloggers who have supported our cause. The kind words and support we have received across the blogging community has been brilliant, we’d like to thank you all for taking part. If you’d like to follow more lifestyle and mental health posts, click on the link below…

family lifestyle and beauty blog

lifestyle and mental health blogger
Lifestyle Blogger | Mental Health Advocate | Motivational Speaker | Youth Worker

You can also visit Ellen’s blog page, it can help provide an insight on who we are doing this for, written in her own beautiful words…

lifestyle and mental health blog
Mother | Daughter | Friend | Dreamer