A poem about Mental Health

This is a photo of and a poem written by Abby Townson after the very sad death of Caroline Flack, a TV presenter in the UK. Abby is a relative of our lovely Ellen to whom this page is dedicated to. Sing this, rap this, say this, share this…..

Mental Health Awareness Poem

I can seem cool and calm and collected to your face

But I can’t face today

I can seem happy and I can seem great, but I don’t feel the love, I just feel the hate.

And I’m lonely today

Whenever I feel like I can’t speak my mind, in a world full of hatred, in a world full of crime- just say that you’ll hug me and always be kind..

Don’t wanna be a burden but I gotta speak out, gotta speak before it’s too late and I can’t find a way out…

You see it in the papers, you see it in the news
But what you really gotta know is that they don’t have a clue…

Cause when I open up about my feelings, I get told I’m too much

Too much for someone is enough for someone else…

If I don’t speak now, I won’t know how.
We gotta stick together in this world right now

Keep yourself surrounded by the ones who really care, the people who reach out and the ones who are there..

If you really feel like you can’t go on, like you ain’t got no-one…

Just know that the one is yourself and I need you to see, my star will shine so bright and we’ll put this world right…

They’ll see us in the papers, they’ll see us in the news..the ones who broke free from the rhythm of the blues..

This world’s gotta change, gotta change right now

A little bit of heaven got itself an angel, this angel lost her wings
But she’ll always be the one, the one who shone so brightly for everyone to see, the one who couldn’t help it, she really couldn’t be..

Think before you act and always be mindful of the people you can hurt
Those words can’t be erased from the mind of someone in pain

Tomorrow isn’t promised, so tell that one you love them..
This battle isn’t over, this battle is not done

By Abigail Townson

Abby Townson

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