Mental Health Awareness Week

Ellen’s video blog

This is Ellen (Grace Kelly) who wanted to dedicate the rest of her life to helping people with mental health problems. She wanted to start a company making soap with healing properties, essential oils and healing stones. Ellen could see the gaps in the services available due to her own experiences and thought it was unfair that so many people were suffering with poor mental health and insufficient help. She kept on trying to get people to openly discuss things and start a conversation about it all. She would be amazed at how things have progressed conversation wise since she made this video blog post in June 2017.

Ellen had come so far herself and helped so many other people just by being determined and most of all by being her but she succumbed to her own mental illness only days after she made this video. If only she had re-read her own very beautiful words that night…..

“I am almost brought to tears of how thankful I am for my progress, for the person I have become and the way my life has changed. I am thankful for my mistakes, my faults. I have fucked up enormously and at twenty-two, I’m free.
I would use meditation to escape my problems for ten minutes, to settle my mind, to understand that whatever is going on isn’t equivalent to the apocalypse. Then without noticing, I gradually interpreted it into everyday life. Having a shower I would breathe in the lathering soap caressing my skin, I’d be slow. Or realising how much I love to cook, using different oils, vegetables, seasonings. To smell, eat slowly, enjoy the sensations that I’m experiencing. I’m in love with simple things again”. Ellen Scott 2017

Please share this video and the rest of Ellen’s blog. Let’s keep this conversation going and keep on making the difference that she was trying to make. Lets campaign for better services for people like Ellen or me or you… We all have a brain and we all have ‘mental health’.

2 thoughts on “Mental Health Awareness Week

  1. beautiful lady , you were, ARE STILL a amazingly precious to everyone who had the privilege of coming across your path and meeting you….

    it’s ok to be who we are , all perfectly imperfect and precious ! xx be who you are , please never be afraid to reach out to family, friends , professional, whoever you feel you need to, and keep seeking until you find the right healing or whatever you are seeking/needing for you. People get categorised and placed in that “queue” …… WE ARE ALL UNIQUE and what works for one doesnt work for another, find someone who treats you uniquely … keep it safe, keep it simple, keep it cool …. but keep going and keep seeking whats right for you ! ! … I am doing and have done just that ….. .. and my twenties and thirties were the hardest years of trying to deal with the emotions/thoughts/mentally and physically arising from the events/happenings/ lifestyle, whatever you would like to call them, of my whole life UP TO THEN was just a jumble in my head and I WAS TOTALLY DRAINED PHYSICALLY from the jumble in my head … .. I didn’t begin to be able process those life events until I had reached my 40s … I don’t know how or why it started happening but it did!! very slowly and things unravelled and tbh half of the things weren’t as heavy and laden to process as I felt they were when they were ruining my mental health in my earlier years …. …. I dont know if I am making sense here … My lifes got soooooooooooo much , much better and it’s so much easier to process and rationalise life itself as I am getting older 🙂 …. maybe because I don’t give as much of a shit what others think of me as I did in my earlier years … maybe it’s because I don’t read or watch as much devastating media thats all around us in every direction …. , maybe it’s because I feel easier talking about my shit and making my feelings known more and not worrying as much now about who I upset or offend (mainly because I have found that it doesnt upset or offend them etc like I thought it would) .. maybe it’s because the more I opened up, the more others said “that’s normal!! ” do you know what !! ….. it’s the response of people saying to me … “that’s normal” which has been a huge part of my ongoing healing process … so so sorry to rant on … … but I found that I was burying things and didnt talk about my feelings/emotions/thoughts etc because I thought they weren’t “normal” (whatever normal is! ) …. and when I dd find the ways to unravel my thoughts/emotions/troubles/worries etc etc etc …. I found that most people around me were similar .. NOT THE SAME but similar …. and I feel now that yes … I am more “normal” and I AM ME … and people do accept my perfect imperfections xx 🙂
    I know this isn’t for everyone …… x


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