Our Mermazing Calendar Launch!

We officially launched the Mermen for Mind calendar last Saturday! We made huge waves for mental health and had a magical time. We WILL get our lovely mermen on the TV eventually to reach out to more people we know we will!

We had a fantastic afternoon with some amazing music played by Ellen’s friends. First the fabulous Maya Parfett who we haven’t seen in a long time because she lives a long way from here…. She has a voice that could rival anyone who has hit the charts, been a youtube sensation or played Glastonbury. Do more of this Maya please please your country needs you!

Next we had the privilege of listening to the lovey Joe Drury (One half of our January mermen) What an honour to hear him play! Joe proudly sported his merman peacock feather head dress and his glittered face and did an amazing set. One of the beautiful things about Joe is that he just loves to play and make people happy. He says he just wants everyone to enjoy his music – you can walk past, talk, it – doesn’t matter – anything goes and I love that. Do stop and listen to him though … he will stop you in your tracks he is so mermazingly good!

Two of my school friends arrived. ‘What can we do?’ they asked. They were actually very happy to run the bar of course. I suffer from anxiety and have kept my distance from them for a long time. Strange fears about people and places (not these lovely two but people and places that surround them). It was so fantastic to see them and to hear that after all the years it doesn’t matter and that they are still there for me if I want them to be…. And I do….. . That is true friendship, it doesn’t matter how long…….. they get it.

There were people that arrived who we didn’t know which was brilliant. They got glittered up too stood side by side with us and had conversations about Mental Health. They brought their children who made fishy wishes with Jane Sedgwick … Thankyou so much Jane! Our other fabulous Jane – Jane Howie sat for hours at the table selling our lovely calendars. ❤ One of my favourite photos of the day is her beautiful grandson riding past Joe whilst he is singing and smiling at the littley!

When Joe Chapman and his friend turned up after work we were delighted by their brilliant music too. Joe C said he hasn’t sung solo for years but he so should do more of that. His band is Stig of the Dub and they are fantastic but Joe is a real gem too on his own.
The gorgeous Felka girls Rosie and Tanisha came, they loved Ellen, they have written the most beautiful songs about our girl… they are also amazing!

We are surrounded by so much brilliant talent and a huge amount of love and we are enormously grateful. We adore being around our daughter’s friends; they inspire us. WHY ARE SOME OF THESE AMAZING SINGING PEOPLE NOT MORE FAMOUS? We need to make them so….. they could light up so many lives!

There were fairy lights to light up our jellyfish and our bar (of course) and sparkly glitter for faces and drinks. There were even angel fish in the corner by the posters of our amazing mermen. We gave a special ‘fairy lights’ position to Toastie from Berwick….. specifically required by some of our mermaids!

We went on to the Cricketers arms to watch a brilliant band and Batey helped to entertain the pub by playing his pirate sword like he does his air guitar…. Yes I know….!! ….. Going back in time though when Ellen experienced acute trauma the sword playing Batey was amazing. We all need someone like him in our lives – these lovely people keep you going and I’m sure he will be around for Ellen’s friends for a long time. They all clearly adore him….. Brief mention about Caroline’s pirate costume being thrown in the hedge. Or should I just cross that out?

Two people (no names) then fell asleep in the curry house and we knew it was time to go home!

You would have loved this so much my sweet and the sadness surrounding the fact that you could not be there to see it is inescapable. We know we did you proud though Ellen with our ‘fin’tastic (pun is courtesy of Fev) launch party and we also sold 60 calendars! Your calendar will help people with problems like you had and if it saves one life or makes one better then it was then this has all been worthwhile. It has kept your friends close to each other too…… what an amazing tribute to you……… Total respect to your friends they are the best!


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