mental health awareness charity event

Mermen for Mind Pub Crawl

It is wonderful to be surrounded by such lovely young people who care and who have pulled out all the stops to support our calendar in Ellen’s memory.

It was Caroline’s idea… Let’s do a pub crawl to promote our calendar and raise money for Mind she said. It will be fantastic she said… and It was! We were a team of Mermen, Pirates, Jellyfish and a couple of Crabs, not forgetting all the beautifully glittered supporters who were there too…

We gathered in our kitchen one by one and Caroline did the makeup as she always does so brilliantly. Her distribution of glitter is always second to none and her fish scales never disappoint!

In Hebden Bridge we were met by a school friend of mine along with her lovely daughter and the family dog. Rachel (my school friend) had to get used to the idea of talking to a crab without laughing….. Not just any crab I was Sebastian the crab from the Little Mermaid. I feel I have to explain the significance of this particular crab because I was hereafter mistaken for a Lobster. Lobsters are red right? NO!!! ONLY WHEN THEY ARE COOKED….. And you should never call a crab a lobster…So my ‘please’ escalated to ‘I am not a f###ing crab’. Sorry world it all got a bit emotional….

Jason was photographed at the bar and he looked splendid in his fish scale leggings. I’ll just leave that there!

Moving on to Haworth Old Hall and it was lunchtime. Roger knew we needed to eat something before we had another drink. What is the worst thing you can imagine a merman watching you eat? Possibly Haddock and chips? Well Rog ordered it (I had beetroot risotto so as not to offend). He got away with it though (until they read this) and we attended the Fleece in Haworth. One of their regulars is one of our September mermen and the Fleece were very welcoming!

Mikey and Joe were like fish out of water ….. who knew fish could jump across roads on their tails? Well Bingley does now!!!

Then there was Fev. Fev (Sam) was one of our spectacular Mermen. He walked all the way down the train to Leeds collecting money very politely and very respectfully… what a darling he is. The Crab (me) followed him all the way down the train apologising and explaining and all the train travellers were lovely.

Yates bar in Leeds was interesting. Mostly there was happiness and loveliness as we spread the word but there is always one…. Or two or three. They tried to be ‘crabby’ about what we were doing but we moved them on with nice words and an explanation about what we were about. Outside this bar there was a homeless man and his dog. He asked me what we were doing and I explained. He wanted to put some money in the Mind Charity collection box. I didn’t want him to but he insisted. He said ‘It’s only 20p’ so I then let him. He looked at the pictures on our team t shirts of my daughter and said ‘I want to give you more money’ as he reached into his pockets. I said no to him and his response was the one that I never want to hear again. Ellen would have been dismayed too. What is wrong with this world when someone can look you in the eye and say ‘I’m just a waste of a life’. This man was not that. His dog depended on him and he was caring and polite and respectful. All our group wish him well and hope he is ok. I’m pretty sure Ellen would have been sitting on the pavement with him drinking tea if she could have been there.

Joe (the other one) tried being a crab in Leeds and he made a fantastic crab but nothing can hide the fact that he is our January merman – when you are a merman you can’t be a crab too!

All in all we had a mermazing day out and raised a lot of attention to our cause which is raising money for Mind the charity that supports people with mental health problems.
Keep ordering our calendars they will not disappoint;  Ellen would be so proud of you all!



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