The Next Chapter

We are nearing the end of our making of the Mermen for Mind Calendar but this is only the beginning…..

The next chapter is to plan how we will sell it and raise as much money as we can so that we can do what we are sure our beautiful Ellen wants us to do. We are hoping to do her proud.

This is a quote (I have taken out some um’s and ah’s) that Ellen put on her blog. Her first video blog and her last. She was very positive at the time and this was two and a half weeks before she took her own life:
“I want to dedicate my life to Mental Health within the events industry, within… kind of…. You know, making things, crafting things….. however I can… because it nearly took me…. bad mental health, and that’s the most important thing in the world. Do you know I saw some statistics this morning? That Mental health and suicide actually takes more lives than war does. So everything that has been going on in the world at the minute is absolutely horrific it’s awful but suicide takes more lives than that. That’s just mind boggling, that’s horrific”.

Here is a link to that video blog…….
The MFM team were very excited this week to get the first draft of the calendar that has been 7 months in the making. We have two copies. One we defaced and scribbled the edits over. It felt as though we were teachers marking each other’s work but we all agreed it was ok because it has to be fantastic for our girl. The other we kept pristine clean almost as though we are never going to get another one ever and we have to keep it so for Ellen. It is very precious. It has also been very very useful because we have used it to gather support and sponsorship. Our sponsors have been amazing and so so generous. When we get to the final edit we will be able to reveal just how generous. This will get us through our first print run and cover postage, the income from this generating more calendars to supply the demand and so on…… Sponsorship + dedication from a fantastic team + sales = money for mind to help people!
Our feedback on our first draft has been amazing… quietly away we have been doing some market research. One piece of feedback was “This is by far the best charity calendar we have ever seen” so we were happy with that! A very amusing feedback was the curious second and third glances a young lady gave my husband Roger after she thought she spotted him on a photo by the bridges of Berwick Upon Tweed.
Look out for our mermen…. They might be about on the 18th August somewhere between Hebden Bridge and Leeds. You never know when they might appear and in what guise. In fact we were in Berwick Upon Tweed a couple of weeks ago just having a quiet chat and a drink in the Brown Bear pub and this happened…….


….. not the best recording as it was a spontaneous recording on my phone but at that moment it was brilliant! …………………. A song from ‘the little mermaid’…. What’s not to like?!!!!


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