Merman spotting in Berwick Upon Tweed

My Grandma lived in Beadnell and Berwick Upon Tweed was where we used to go shopping. We are very familiar as a family with Northumberland and it’s beautiful coast.

Ellen grew to love Beadnell as much as I do and circumstances drew us back to Berwick in 2016, the ‘year from hell’.  All the problems that happened that year only drew us closer and stronger and Ellen grew to look forward to our all too frequent visits to Berwick and the borders. We regailed her with tales of our family, funny tales, sad tales, epic tales of the borders and the River Tweed. My Great grandfather drove the hearse for Emily Wilding Davison’s funeral (obviously before he was sacked for riding one of the Queen’s horses across the River Tweed when it was in full flood – according to my Dad)!  The amazing Royal Border Bridge was designed by a relative of ours. Yes Berwick was a ‘thing’. We celebrated Ellen’s little boy’s 3rd birthday here in Berwick where he got his first track master set. “Gordon the Express that’s so beautiful” he said.

Ellen walked across the Old Berwick bridge at night time with her little cub. They howled at the moon like werewolves and he remembers that to this day. Ellen wrote about that night in her blog. Her writing was amazing and magical just like she was.  Her first video blog was her last post and she talked about wanting to spend the rest of her life helping people with mental health issues. You are doing just that now Ellen only we are helping you with it now.

It was a hot and muggy day in beautiful Berwick today and we set off to spot some mermen. We found two by the driftwood boat and they agreed to be photographed! They swam down the river and met us by the Old Bridge for a G and T then when they turned up at the lobster pots there were three! What a day!

Let’s see where the mermen surface next…………! We will find them for you Ellen! X


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