1940’s Weekend with Mermen

Every year Haworth hosts a 1940’s weekend. It is a weekend full of fun, singing dancing, drinking and this year lots of sunshine! Over the years we have herded ‘evacuee’ children on the steam train and the main street with onlookers delighting in the nostalgia of the weekend. I have wrestled with the idea of it being a ‘celebration of the war’ although it is very hard not to succumb to the excitement of the weekend. Last year Ellen and I dressed up. We danced and sang and drank wine with little Noah running around and lapping up the fun of it all.

This year was a different story. It felt dark and cold and empty even though the sun was shining. There was someone missing, someone who made it special. Despite this I sprang out of bed in my usual last minute panic and with the help of some very special friends we put the finishing touches on to 4 more merman tails! Our focus is to complete this calendar. It is very good to have a focus. Something to do, something that will help, something that will make sense of all this.

First stop Main Street. It was rather amusing hearing onlookers (Churchill rubbing shoulders with land girls and American military) whispering ‘were there mermen around in the 1940’s?’ as our lovely merman was draped down the church steps sparkling in the sunshine and surrounded by 4 strong looking soldiers with guns. What’s not to like? This is Haworth. Anything can happen right?

A gin stop in the Fleece (Rhubarb and ginger with elderflower tonic of course) later and we were back home preparing for the afternoon shoot.

Goit Stock waterfalls is a beautiful place. The bluebells were out and the babbling sound of the water is calming and peaceful. Ellen loved it here. Its a popular place. People walk through with their children and dogs bringing picnics and relax by the water. There was much curiosity around our mermen and I rather think that there will be tales this morning in many school playgrounds and classrooms about the amazing mermen in the river with their shiny tails and faces and of course their beautiful tiaras! It was fun although I can’t help but think that the one person who this is all for would have enjoyed it the most.

But…… it was as much fun as it could be and  although you are not here anymore Ellen and the house is now covered in glitter again this is for you my dear. We will do you proud! x  #mermenformind

waterfall mermaid photoshoot
Harden Waterfall, Goit Stock UK

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